Located south of Port Allen, Louisiana, we started raising rabbits as a 4-H project in October of 2002 for my daughters. We started with three Mini Rex that left a lot to be desired and absolutely no knowledge of rabbits. We have since added rabbits from around the country and drastically improved our herd. In December of 2004 we added Netherland Dwarfs as a second breed, until June 2010, after a breif try at Dutch. And, then added Havana in June of 2008. We enjoy traveling to the many shows and the many friendships we have made along the way. Hope you enjoy the site.


Special thanks to the following breeders who have helped us through the years:

Mini Rex:  Kyle Gordon, Sandra Lowry, and especially Marti & Vern Dill

Netherland Dwarfs:  Warren Guidry, and especially Cheryl Guerin

Havana: Eric & Gwen Himel, and Al & Peggy Boudreaux

Others:  Sonia Lirette

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